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Ejems Capital is a forex trading education platform that specializes in smart money concept (SMC) authored by Michael Huddleston of the innercircletrader (ICT)

Our lead coach works closely with all members helping them master the technical & psychological aspects of trading.

We operate as a full support mentorship, and our success comes from helping you achieve your desired trading results, which could be;

• Becoming a professional trader

• Extra income

• A better life for you and your family

The aim of my mentorship program is to introduce to you ICT approach to day trading and how to attain success as a day trader and make profits consistently.




Basic trading class (FREE)

What is forex?

What is a forex broker?

Forex trading session


Market order

Take profit and stop loss and calculations

Bid price and ask price

Lot size

Common mistakes made by traders


Advance trading class


An overview of candlesticks

Price delivery

Market structure (introduction)


PD arrays

Institutional swing points

IPDA data ranges

Smart money buy and sell program

Introduction to ICT day trading

Market structure (proper)

ICT day trading proper

USD index, SMT divergence and intermarket analysis

How PD arrays are to be applied on the chart

Blending IPDA data ranges and PD arrays for liquidity run

Market makers trap

Optimal trade entry

Million-dollar trade entry

ICT chart patterns

Sentiment_ when buy or sell is high probability

Putting all together

Trading plan

Risk management


Master trading class

Reclaimed PD arrays

Internal and external range liquidity

Institutional order flow entry drill (IOFED)

Seasonal tendencies

Consolidation_ how to trade this market

Market reversal_ eight (8) of the reversal signatures that can be effectively traded

Interest rate

Offset accumulation and distribution

Weekly templates

Scalping_ four (4) different opportunities daily

Market maker buy and sell model

Short term trading

Signal services

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Pricing Plan

This course was designed to teach new and struggling traders how to consistently make money from the forex market.

Advance Fx class

All the basics for starting up as a forex trader.

$499One Time Payment

  • VIP discussion forum.
  • Private telegram groups.
  • Comprehensive weekly reviews and commentaries.
  • Daily trade alert and insights.
  • Lifetime mentorship.
  • Live funding after scaling through our evaluation process.

Master Fx class

All the basics for starting up as a forex trader.

$499One Time Payment

  • Gets access to a one on one live session.
  • Private telegram groups.
  • Comprehensive weekly reviews and commentaries.
  • Daily trade alert and insights.
  • Live funding after scaling through our evaluation process.

One on one mentorship

All the basics for starting up as a forex trader.

$999One Time Payment

  • Advance Fx class via zoom live session.
  • Master Fx clas via zoom live session.
  • Lifetime mentorship.
  • Private telegram groups.
  • Comprehensive weekly reviews and commentaries.
  • Daily trade alert and insights.
  • Live funding after scaling through our evaluation process.

Trade copier service

Affiliate program (for registered members only)

For every individual you invite and makes purchase of any of the courses, you make 5% of the amount paid by the new client. There is no limit to the number of invites, as you are at liberty to introduce as many as possible and you will be rewarded handsomely


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Since you don't have to unlearn any bad habits or prior failed trading system/rules, it is better that you can begin your journey with a clean slate and learn the correct way to trade from the start.

Yes of course! We encourage you to sign up as a free member and take advantage of the course content that is available in the Free Members Academy.This will give you a good foundation as a start to your learning, and when you are ready to make the transition to more advanced concepts you can upgrade at any time .

Joining the VIP group will give you access to the mentorship level content which includes: • VIP discussion forum • Private telegram groups • Comprehensive weekly reviews and commentaries • Daily trade alert and insights • Lifetime mentorship Please be sure to check out the Ejems Forex Academy tab above for full details on everything included! .

Yes, we do provide signal services. Please be sure to check out the Ejems forex signal service tab above for full details on everything included.

Yes, we do! If you decide to participate and refer other members, you can earn a 5% affiliate commission on all of our products/services.This is a great way to make an extra income of itself and/or give a boost to your own trading account.


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The Forex market was confusing and difficult when I first got into it but after enrolling into Ejems forex academy, a lot has changed in my trading. Before now, trading looked like some random thing and was more like gambling but through the understanding and lessons from the academy my eyes have been greatly opened. Opening the charts and seeing what I learnt in the course content play out each and every day and trading them, for me, is an amazing experience and I'm forever grateful to Ejems Forex Academy for this opportunity.


AlwellEzenwoko Victor CEO, AEFOREX

As a Forex trader, I had so much difficulties ranging from framing good setups to proper risk management. It became an all-round turning point for me after I enrolled into Ejems forex academy mentorship programme. I can now frame high probability trade setups and also have my risk appetite under check. I'm proud to say that, I'm a happy trader and also a great forex tutor because my trading experience has improved and I have impacted into lives of other traders from what I’d learnt in Ejems forex academy.



Trading has been made easy ever since I enrolled into Ejems forex academy’s mentorship program. The system of teaching is top notch; mentor Emmanuel is very transparent with his teachings and not only does he teaches us to become good technical analyst but also a consistent and profitable trader.


Afuye Michael

EJEMSFX has helped me realized how to trade with good time and risk management. I have been in trading for almost two years before I got to know about EjemsFX and I can boldly say that, it has been a life changing journey and experience. We weren't just given videos or PDF materials, we were mentored, educated, encouraged and followed up. The Journey to a profitable trading starts with EJEMSFX!!!



For a long time, I’d been trying to read and understand the forex market so as to improve my trading skill but I was never successful. But ever since I joined EjemsFX mentorship program, the eyes of my understanding on how to trade the forex market has been opened and has tremendously improved. I’m proud to say that my trading accuracy has also improved to about 70%



I have been all around anything searching for a reputable academy where I could enrol to learn how to trade the forex market, confused and tired until I found EjemsFX; structured contents, good understanding, discipline and consistency, I found here. For all you do here in EjemsFX, thank you mentor Emmanuel!



If you have invested time, energy and money on other courses before with no results to show for it… that all changes here!

Hello, my name is Emmanuel

My forex courses and lifetime mentorship is going to give you the privilege of understanding the manipulations that happen on a daily basis and how you can use that to your advantage and be profitable.

You will learn to think like the SMART MONEY by being able to identify the real moves in the market place before they even play out

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